5 Easy Tips For Ordering Your Wedding Invitations

Planning to order wedding invitation cards but not knowing how? Don’t worry, it is definitely not difficult. All you have to do is plan well and schedule everything so that by the end of the day you will always have enough if not spare time for your wedding preparation.

Here are some tips you should not forget when ordering your wedding invitation cards:

1. Order in Person

Ordering your wedding invitation cards in person reduces the chance of mistakes due to miscommunication or other difficulties by not meeting face to face with the manufacturer of the wedding invitation. If you are ordering your wedding cards from an online printing shop, then you have to ask them to make it clear for you that the mistakes that happen will be corrected before you agree to anything. This will prevent you from experiencing unnecessary loss, there is other info which you can find on this page, https://www.kiasuprint.com/cheap-wedding-invitation-card-printing-in-singapore

2. Ask for Sample

If you are ordering online, asking for a sample to be sent to you is very important because only by this you can clearly see the real look of the wedding invitation card that you are ordering. If you are ordering in person, of course, you can ask for it right away. Remember not to get satisfied just by looking at photographs. As much as possible, get the real deal and decide by then.

3. Print Extras

There are always more guests to invite at the last minute, so try to print extra wedding invitation cards. There’s no need to print too many extras, keep it to a maximum of 30 invites just in case. If you print too many, of course, you will most likely be left with littering wedding invitation cards, which is not good at all. It will be a waste of resources and money.

4. Start Early

Know that you have to send the save-the-date cards nine to six months before your wedding and the wedding invitation card itself needs to be sent six to nine weeks before the event. So you have to plan and start ordering your wedding invitations really early to make sure that you have enough time for all that. Don’t work in a hurry because you might miss important details and stress too much over it.

5. Work With a Graphic Designer

It is much easier to leave the work to a professional. For an outstanding looking wedding invitation card, find a graphic designer or stationer to work with. By working with a professional, the design of your wedding invitation will look impeccable as it will also be able to convey a consistent design concept. Of course, if you are familiar with the design and confident with your skills, nobody can say no to having your own design made as your wedding invitation card design. But if that is the case, still as the opinion from people, both from the perspective of a professional such as, again, a graphic designer or other people such as your friend or closest families to know if your design looks good and understandable by all.

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