Essentials to Wax Sealing in Singapore

Sure, wax sealing is not really used for sealing off envelopes and ensuring the confidentiality of a document anymore now that adhesive has been used for a long time and people don’t really send out personal letters anymore. But, wax sealing in Singapore is still popular because it can be used for wedding invitation decoration, packaging decorations, arts, and many more. If you want to still send out letters using a wax seal, there’s no one stopping you either. In fact, you can create a stronger impression with this little item.

Kiasu Printing & Rubber Stamp Maker said that if you are interested more in wax sealing, here are the important things that you need to know:

1. Wax Types

Based on the formula, there are two most common types of wax that you can use. Each has different characteristics as well as advantages and disadvantages. Even though they are all essentially waxes, they offer you different qualities and the uses are slightly different too.

Traditional Blend

The traditional blend wax is a type of wax that is similar to the very first invented wax for wax sealing. This type of wax has no mixture of other things, but it has a special shellac that makes it easy to break. This characteristic makes the traditional wax perfect for ensuring the confidentiality of a document or letter, however, due to the breakability of the traditional wax seal, it is not recommended to use this traditional blend for sending letters through the mail.

Flexible Blend

On the other hand, there’s the flexible wax seal blend which is a mix of wax and resin that gives it more flexibility. Because it’s more flexible, this type of wax is easier to control when poured onto a surface and once cooled down and hardened, it does not break as easy as the traditional wax blend. Thus, this type of wax seal blend can be used for sending letters through the mail. Due to its flexibility, it is also can be used on curved or uneven surfaces.

2. How to Melt the Wax

Depending on the tool you choose to use, the way you can melt a wax may differ. Most people use either the wax sealing spoon or the glue gun. If you are a beginner, most people recommend using a wax seal spoon and an open fire to melt down your wax and pouring it down onto a surface because it is easier to control compared to the glue gun. However, it is rather less convenient because it requires a separate heat source. Meanwhile, you don’t have to worry about external heat source because it provides heating so the wax can melt just by turning the glue un on. However, this tool is a little bit difficult to control whether in terms of the heat nor when pouring down the melted wax onto the desired surface.

3. Stamping the Wax

Before the wax cools down and hardens, you should press down a wax seal stamp onto its surface so that a unique impression or imprint can be left on the wax once it cools down and turns into a seal. You can either buy a pre-made wax seal stamp or make it customized with the design that you want.

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