The Role of Women in the World Branding Agencies

Although it may seem like fiction, the reality is that marketing and branding can be a hostile world for women. Although immense and important advances have been made in solidifying greater transparency and social equality in corporations, the reality indicates that women still have a long way to go to overreach in the advertising industry. Companies like Mandreel have taken a step forward and become part of the new generation of companies that care about gender equality.

Gender as a professional barrier

While not all companies can be labeled as obsolete and disinterested in social equality, as is the case with, current figures demonstrate that the role of women in the advertising industry is not on par with all the progress that has been made so far.

An example can be seen in some studies carried out in Latin America or Spain, where more than 58% of professionals who work in advertising are women, but only 14% of women manage to reach executive or important positions such as directing management projects.

While things may be a little different in other parts of the world, such as Mandreel, where women not only play important roles but are also responsible for the development and creative direction of a campaign, the harsh reality is that women are often underestimated in the advertising industry.

Scarcity of references

There are many problems in the advertising industry that may indicate the lack of relevance and importance of women. Although the advertising industry is traditionally considered to be a cutting-edge world, today many agencies have difficulty in accommodating the needs, skills, and ambitions of their female employees. This ends up making the advertising industry a less progressive world than many people imagined.

As we have mentioned before, many barriers and reasons slow down the advance of gender equality in advertising companies. However, one of the most striking cases is the lack of references in important positions. Traditionally, the most important positions at the creative and managerial level have been dominated by men, and this is a serious starting point for perpetuating truly fair social equality.

A precedent full of mistrust is established

On the other hand, many consequences end up affecting the role of women in the advertising industry. One of the most serious can be observed during work meetings or in the assignment of projects to manage a large brand.

According to the story of many women who work in the world of advertising, the lack of reference conditions the mentality of many clients who note their unwarranted skepticism when discussing their needs and expectations with a woman.

Serve as a positive example belongs to that group of branding agencies that are concerned with social equality in the workplace or any specific area. For this reason, it has taken important steps, not only in the incorporation of women in important positions but also in the dissemination of a hopeful message that serves as an example and guide for other agencies and companies in other areas to open their arms to social and gender equality.

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